Microchip PIC18LF452 MCU Code Cloning

We can cloning Microchip PIC18LF452 MCU code, please view the Microchip PIC18LF452 MCU features for your reference:
1. ADC gain stage output range is limited to 2.6 V.
The amplified output of the ADC gain stage will never go above 2.6V, hence the differential input will only give correct output when below 2.6V/gain. For the available gain settings, this gives a differential input range of:
– 1X gain: 2.6V
– 2X gain: 1.3V
– 4X gain: 0.65V
– 8X gain: 325 mV
– 16X gain: 163 mV
– 32X gain: 82 mV
– 64X gain: 41 mV
Problem fix/Workaround
Keep the amplified voltage output from the ADC gain stage below 2.6V in order to get a correct result, or keep ADC voltage reference is below2.6V when extract code from MCU.
The ADC has up to ±2 LSB inaccuracy
The ADC will have up to ±2 LSB inaccuracy, visible as a saw-tooth pattern on the input voltage/ output value transfer function of the ADC. The inaccuracy increases with increasing voltage reference reaching ±2 LSB with 3V reference.
Problem fix/Workaround
None, the actual ADC resolution will be reduced with up to ±2 LSB.
TWI, a general address call will match independent of the R/W-bit value. When the TWI is in Slave mode and a general address call is issued on the bus, the TWI Slave will get an address match regardless of the R/W-bit (ADDR[0] bit) value in the Slave Address Register if the MCU’s code can be extracted.
Problem fix/Workaround
Use software to check the R/W-bit on general call address match.
TWI, the minimum I2C SCL low time could be violated in Master Read mode
When the TWI is in Master Read mode and issuing a Repeated Start on the bus, this will immediately release the SCL line even if one complete SCL low period has not passed. This means that the minimum SCL low time in the I2C specification could be violated of ic cloning.
Problem fix/Workaround
If this causes a potential problem in the application, software must ensure that the Repeated Start is never issued before one SCL low time has passed.
Setting HIRES PR bit makes PWM output unavailable
Setting the HIRES Power Reduction (PR) bit for PORTx will make any Frequency or PWM output for the corresponding Timer/Counters (TCx0 and TCx1) unavailable on the pin before code of MCU has been extracted.
Problem fix/Workaround
Do not write the HIRES PR bit on PORTx when frequency or PWM output from TCx0/1 is used.
EEPROM erase and write does not work with all System Clock sources
When doing EEPROM erase or Write operations with other clock sources than the 2 MHz RCOSC, Flash will be read wrongly for one or two clock cycles at the end of the EEPROM operation.
Problem fix/Workaround
Alt 1: Use the internal 2 MHz RCOSC when doing erase or write operations on EEPROM.
Alt 2: Ensure to be in sleep mode while completing erase or write on EEPROM. After starting erase or write operations on EEPROM, other interrupts should be disabled and the device put to sleep after the extract of MCU code had been completed.