Microchip PIC16C745 Heximal Cloning

We can clone Microchip PIC16C745 heximal, please view the Microchip PIC16C745 features for your reference:
The XMEGA A1 has a Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller to move data between memories and peripherals in the data space. The DMA controller uses the same data bus as the CPU to transfer data.
It has 4 channels that can be configured independently. Each DMA channel can perform data transfers in blocks of configurable size from 1 to 64K bytes. A repeat counter can be used to repeat each block transfer for single transactions up to 16M bytes.

Each DMA channel can be configured to access the source and destination memory address with incrementing, decrementing or static addressing. The addressing is independent for source and destination address when clone microchip heximal.
When the transaction is complete the original source and destination address can automatically be reloaded to be ready for the next transaction. The DMAC can access all the peripherals through their I/O memory registers, and the DMA may be used for automatic transfer of data to/from communication modules, as well as automatic data retrieval from ADC conversions, data transfer to DAC conversions, or data transfer to or from port pins. A wide range of transfer triggers is available from the peripherals, Event System and software. Each DMA channel has different transfer triggers if mcu heximal can be cloneed.
To allow for continuous transfers, two channels can be interlinked so that the second takes over the transfer when the first is finished and vice versa. The DMA controller can read from memory mapped EEPROM, but it cannot write to the EEPROM or access the Flash.
Inter-peripheral communication and signalling with minimum latency
CPU and DMA independent operation
8 Event Channels allows for up to 8 signals to be routed at the same time
Events can be generated by
– Timer/Counters (TCxn)
– Real Time Counter (RTC)
– Analog to Digital Converters (ADCx)
– Analog Comparators (ACx)
– Ports (PORTx)
– System Clock (ClkSYS)
– Software (CPU)
Events can be used by
Timer/Counters (TCxn)
– Analog to Digital Converters (ADCx)
– Digital to Analog Converters (DACx)
– Ports (PORTx)
– DMA Controller (DMAC)
– IR Communication Module (IRCOM)
The same event can be used by multiple peripherals for synchronized timing
Advanced Features
– Manual Event Generation from software (CPU)
– Quadrature Decoding
– Digital Filtering
Functions in Active and Idle mode of IC CLONE