Crack MCU IC & Smartcard Methods

Crack MCU IC and Smartcard has the methods below:

Include the already known NON-invasive MCU IC crack, such as power analysis and Glitching interference; and invasive MCU IC crack, such as reverse engineering technology, and micro-probing technology. Nowadays there is a new way name SEMI-INVASIVE MCU IC crack method. Its front part is similar to the INVASIVE MCU IC crack which will need to de-capsulate the surface, but it is passivation layer is still untact. Since this kind of method don’t need to have electrical contact with the internal copper wire. SEMI-Invasive MCU IC crack present a great threat to hardware security since it is as high efficiency as INVASIVE MCU IC crack, but it is low cost like NON-INVASIVE MCU IC crack.

MCU IC crack also include the FAULT INJECTION CRACK like modification of content of SRAM & EEPROM, or it can change the status of random individual MOS transistor. It can almost control the operation of any MCU IC and external protection part without any limitation. Another point is the experiment about data storage period and reveal the possibility of read out the firmware from already break out SRAM, already erased EEPROM.

Nowadays MCU IC is not only applied on the control system but also being applied to tamper the threat on the external crack. The battle between those producers who keep on failing and consequently introduce new security solution and the MCU IC cracker who consistently break the protection mechanism is endless.

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