Locked MCU PIC12F617 Program Decoding

We can proceed with locked MCU PIC12F617 program decoding, please view the locked MCU PIC12F617 features for your reference:
An overflow (FFh → 00h) in the TMR0 register will set the T0IF (INTCON<2>) bit. The interrupt can be enabled/disabled by setting/clearing T0IE (INTCON<5>) bit. See Section 5.0 “Timer0 Module” for operation of the Timer0 module when extract program.
An input change on PORTB change sets the RBIF (INTCON<0>) bit. The interrupt can be enabled/disabled by setting/clearing the RBIE (INTCON<3>) bit. Plus, individual pins can be configured through the IOCB register if Locked MCU PIC12F617 Program Decoding.
During an interrupt, only the return PC value is saved on the stack. Typically, users may wish to save key registers during an interrupt (e.g., W and Status registers). This must be implemented in software. Since the lower 16 bytes of all banks are common in the PIC12F617, temporary holding registers, W_TEMP and STATUS_TEMP, should be placed in here.
These 16 locations do not require banking and therefore, make it easier to context save and restore. The same code shown in Example 16-1 can be used to:
Store the W register
Store the Status register
Execute the ISR code
Restore the Status (and Bank Select Bit register)
Restore the W register
For PIC12F617, the WDT has been modified from previous PIC16F devices. The new WDT is code and functionally compatible with previous PIC16F WDT modules and adds a 16-bit prescaler to the WDT. and TMR0 at the same time. In addition, the WDT time-out value can be extended to 268 seconds. WDT is cleared under certain conditions after Locked MCU PIC12F617 Program Decoding;
A new prescaler has been added to the path between the INTOSC and the multiplexers used to select the path for the WDT. This prescaler is 16 bits and can be programmed to divide the INTOSC by 32 to 65536, giving the WDT a nominal range of 1 ms to 268s. The WDTE bit is located in the Configuration Word register. When set, the WDT runs continuously. When the WDTE bit in the Configuration Word register is set, the SWDTEN bit (WDTCON<0>) has no effect. If WDTE is clear, then the SWDTEN bit can be used to enable and disable the WDT. Setting the bit will enable it and clearing the bit will disable it if CLONE IC.
The PSA and PS<2:0> bits (OPTION_REG) have the same function as in previous versions of the PIC16F family of locked MCUs. See Section 5.0 “Timer0 Module” for more information.