IC Chip Decryption Definition


IC Clone also known as IC AttackIC Break, but strictly speaking these types of call are not scientific, but it has become accustomed to it is called, we roughly define CPLD decryption, DSP decryption as IC decryption. MCU is only one type of ICs which can load program. IC which can load program and can also encrypted includes DSP, CPLD, PLD, AVR, ARM, etc. There are also IC chips with special encryption algorithm for encryption IC chips and manufacturer code verification , such IC chip can achieve the purpose of preventing copying of electronic products.

Microcontrollers (MCU) IC generally have internal EEPROM / FLASH program for users to store data. To prevent unauthorized access or copy microcontroller program of IC (IC decryption), most of ICs are encrypted with the encryption lock orientation or lock-bit bytes to protect the IC program. If the programming lock-bit encryption is enabled (locked), you can’t use ordinary programmer reads the program directly within IC, which is called encryption or microcontroller chip encryption. IC copyer with special equipment or home-made equipment, take the advantage of single IC design flaw or software defects, through a variety of techniques, can extract key source or firmware from the IC chip, access to program inside microcontroller IC chip.

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