IC Chip Copy Guarantee


IC Chip manufacturers will try to make the unauthorized users to copy and read the content inside IC Chip will be viewed as MCU crack, and  indirectly confirm that security in their products may be limited. For example, phrases like “No security feature is absolutely secure. Our strategy is to make reading or copying the ROM in IC chip difficult for unauthorized users”, “Due to the nature of this feature it cannot be tested and therefore not guaranteed” and “Code protection does not mean that we are guaranteeing the product as “unbreakable” are typical for the datasheets on microcontrollers. Even for smartcards the security is not guaranteed and the manufacturer will not accept responsibility if one of their products is broken. What they claim is that protection against certain ic break methods is implemented, and they are constantly working on increasing the security level of their products. The security of smartcards is increased by the fact that detailed information, datasheets and development tools are sold under strict non-disclosure agreement, while the smartcards themselves are sold in large quantities and to authorised buyers only.

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