IC Chip Programming

IC Chip programming has some difficulties compare with the other IC chip work.

Some of our customers will choose ISP programming method to programming the IC chip, but this method will has totally different concept compare with programming the IC chip by universal programmer:

There is one big difference when programming a IC chip is the program firmware need to separate into two different parts: one is ROM (which contains the flash content), the other is EEPROM. And normally we will provide customer only the combination of ROM & EEPROM file together to programming the IC chip. And make sequence according to the ROM & EEPROM address. So if customer needs to choose programming the IC chip by ISP method, we will separate the ROM (FLASH) & EEPROM area into two parts; furthermore, there is still a concerning about the file format issue, which means the IC chip file for programming should be presented by 16 bits, 32 bits or 64 bits per line? As we all know different ISP program software will have different file formats and we will do the utmost to help customer solve the problem.

There is another might be problem is IC chip speed rate and the maximum frequency it can probably support, IC chip may encounter problem like the master IC chip is for the military or industrial usage, but the empty samples for programming are belongs to commercial application. So the IC chip after being programmed can not work properly on the same machine, the problem will be solved after you change the programmed IC chip into Industrial application the same level, issue will be settled. And the maximum oscillation frequency should also be in line with IC chip before and after programmed. Like AT89C51 will have 12, 16, 20,24 several max frequency. But CPLD will have -3, -8,-10, and 15 speeds, so we will suggest customer to provide the empty IC chip sample with same or corresponding speed and frequency when programmed them.

Programming IC chip is a task seems like a simple one but actually has some sort of little tricky during the process. Hereby we would like to introduce possible situations the attacker may encounter during programming IC chip:

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