Extract PIC MCU PIC16F720

Extract PIC MCU PIC16F720

We can crack MCU PIC16F720, please view below features for your reference:

The PIC16F/LF720 and PIC16F/LF721 devices are programmed using In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™). This programming specification applies to the PIC16F/LF720 and PIC16F/LF721 devices in all packages.

With the exception of memory size and the voltage regulator, all other aspects of the PIC16F/LF720 and PIC16F/LF721 devices are identical.

Configuration Words

The PIC16F/LF720 and PIC16F/LF721 have two Configuration Words, Configuration Word 1 (2007h) and Configuration Word 2 (2008h). The individual bits within these Configuration Words are used to enable or disable device functions such as the Brown-out Reset, code protection and Power-up Timer.

Calibration Words

For the PIC16F/LF720 and PIC16F/LF721 devices, the 16 MHz internal oscillator (INTOSC) and the Brown-out Reset (BOR) are factory calibrated and stored in Calibration Words 1 and 2 (2009h and 200Ah). The Calibration Words do not participate in erase operations. The device can be erased without affecting the Calibration Words.

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