Extract Microcontroller Embedded Firmware

Extract Microcontroller embedded firmware is a task for most of the electronic attacker, and microcontroller design always try to find the higher security method to protect their intellectual property being stolen from microcontroller extractr. In the enforcement of hardware, the security fuse is physically located on the microcontroller. It could be on the separated single unit on the edge of main memorizer or even further. All of the PIC microcontroller and AVR microcontroller are the same, as a result of that, both of them don’t have the high level of security against extract. And fuse can easily be found and then shielding.

If the security fuse being designed in the main memorizer can provide better protection since would bring more difficult to find and shield them for microcontroller extract. Main memorizer and fuse can be connected together by BIT LINE. Such as Z86E33 of ZILOG or connect by WORD LINE such as ST62T60 from STM. The interesting thing is MC68HC705C9A use multiple security measures: Fuse unit place in the main memorizer and share the same BIT LINE. If the fuse being wiped out, same as the data content in the memorizer. Even through the reverse engineering process, it is still quite difficult to define which part belongs to memorizer, which part belongs to fuse. At the same time, semi-extract microcontroller method is easier to apply since there is separate control circuit on the fuse and can be extractd without affecting the main memorizer.

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