Extract Microcontroller IC PROPELLER P8X32A-Q44


We can extract Microcontroller IC PROPELLER P8X32A-Q44‘s firmware out of it and hereby please view below the general introduction about Propeller IC:

The Propeller chip was designed at the transistor level by schematic using our own Altera Stratix tools to prototype the design.The Propeller is programmed in both a high-level language called SpinTM, and low-level Propeller Assembly language. With an ever-expanding set of pre-built Parallax “objects” for video, mice, keyboards, RF, LCDs, stepper motors and sensors your Propeller application is a matter of high-level integration. The Propeller is recommended for those with previous microcontroller experience.

The Propeller Tool software allows users to create and use Propeller objects in both SpinTM and Propeller Assembly languages. Multiple objects can be viewed at once for easier development of sophisticated applications. Object documentation is embedded in the source code itself, complete with timing diagrams and schematics, and may be viewed using the Propeller Tool.

Applications and their components are quickly explored using the integrated Object View, Object Information, and Source Information displays. Complete applications can be quickly archived to include all their components, and even the Propeller Tool itself, into a single time-capsule file for safe keeping. Compiling and downloading applications to the Propeller chip is a simple operation with the PropellerTool.

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