Extract Microcontroller Code

Microcontroller Extraction is a process which includes the un-invasive, invasive and semi-invasive microcontroller extract method, the most commonly un-invasive microcontroller extract method includes vibration power supply’s voltage and vibration of time clock signal.

Insurfficient and over-surfficient voltage microcontroller extraction can be used to shield the protection circuit, or compel incorrect operation on the microcontroller processor. As a result of that, safe processor will have voltage inspection circuit, but it has no effect on the swift instant vibration. Power supply and time clock instant wave can also be used on some processor to interference the individual order from microcontroller extraction process and execution.

Another method is current analysis. We can use digital and analog converter to measure the current consumption of microcontroller before extraction. Driving address and data bus, each bit need to pull up adversely and this will cause the power supply express obviously short circuit pulse when the status turnover. Single data bus can reverse from 1 to 0 and then reverse, by the side of clock need 0.5-1 mA as drain current when extract microcontroller. A 12 bits analog/digital converter can be used to assume the quantity of data bus bits in any moment. SRAM write / read operation has very strong power signal.

Another possible threat is data maintenaince when extract microcontroller, this is the capability of volatile memorizer against the date storage after power supply cut off. The secret key embedded inside the dynamic RAM of microcontroller can be recovered and then extract after long time length of power on and off. Another way is store the content inside the RAM in a relatively low temperature environment. As a result of that, the information inside the dynamic RAM can be stored and microcontroller extracted when read the data.

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