Extract MCU Chip STMicroelectronic ST62T15C6


We can crack mcu chip STMicroelectronic ST62T15C6, please view below IC features for your reference:


2K or 4K bytes Program memory (OTP, EPROM, FASTROM or ROM) with read-out protection

– 64 bytes RAM


Clock, Reset and Supply Management

– Enhanced reset system

– Low Voltage Detector (LVD) for Safe Reset

– Clock sources: crystal/ceramic resonator or RC network, external clock, backup oscillator (LFAO)

– Oscillator Safeguard (OSG)

2 Power Saving Modes: Wait and Stop

Interrupt Management

– 4 interrupt vectors plus NMI and RESET

20 external interrupt lines (on 2 vectors)

– 1 external non-interrupt line

– 20 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines

– 16 alternate function lines

4 high sink outputs (20mA)

– Configurable watchdog timer

– 8-bit timer/counter with a 7-bit prescaler


Analog Peripheral

8-bit ADC with 16 input channels

Instruction Set

8-bit data manipulation

– 40 basic instructions

– 9 addressing modes

Bit manipulation

The ST6215C, 25C devices are low cost members mable option bytes of the OTP/EPROM versions of the ST62xx 8-bit HCMOS family of microcontrol-in the ROM option list applications. All ST62xx devices are based on a building block approach: a common core is surrounded by a number of on-chip peripherals.


The ST62P15C/P25C are the Factory Advanced Service Technique ROM (FASTROM) versions of ST62T15C,T25C OTP devices.

The ST62E25C is the erasable EPROM version of the ST62T15C, T25C devices, which may be used during the development phase for the ST62T15C, T25C target devices, as well as the respective

They offer the same functionality as OTP devices, but they do not have to be programmed by the customer.

ST6215C, 25C ROM devices.


These compact low-cost devices feature a Timer OTP and EPROM devices are functionally identical. OTP devices offer all the advantages of user programmability at low cost, which make them the ideal choice in a wide range of applications where frequent code changes, multiple code versions or comprising an 8-bit counter with a 7-bit program-

mable prescaler, an 8-bit A/D Converter with 16

analog inputs and a Digital Watchdog timer, mak

ing them well suited for a wide range of automo-

tive, appliance and industrial applications.

last minute programmability are required.


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