Extract IC Code

Extract IC can be diversify as three different ways like semi-invasive extract IC, un-invasive extract IC, invasive extract IC. And ultra-violet radiation extract IC is the most ancient way of this industry. Ultra-violet IC extract method can be separated into two different ways: first is orientate the security fuse location second is extract the IC with ultra-violet radiation.

Ultra-violet radiation IC extraction is one of the most efficient but meanwhile the oldest technology in IC extraction industry.

This extraction method can find the location of security fuse of IC in the preciseness of 10-20 microns after around fifteen times repetition, and the normal working hours consumption will not exceed three hours when extract IC. If the security fuse is embedded in the main memorizer, it will need higher preciseness and will use ultra-violet radiation laser or mask rom. And there is another more effective and simpler way is use the marking pens to print and cover the area where don’t require to accept the ULTRA-voilet radiation lighting for extraction. Other semi-invasive IC extraction methods can also be used to locate the security fuses. For example, the laser scanning technology can use to read the status of crystals directly. Scanning the same IC twice, one is for security location and other is for reset. Compare the scanning result will reveal the location of modification when extract IC. After that, use the optical inspection will locate the security fuse before IC extraction. Another way is optical flaw injection to change the states of different crystals internally to affect the locations of security fuse.

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