Extract CPLD IC XILINX XC95144-10TQ100C


We can Clone IC XILINX XC95144-10TQ100C, below its the features for your reference:



– 5 ns pin-to-pin logic delays on all pins, Supports parallel programming of multiple XC9500 devices

-fCNT to 125 MHz


Large density range

36 to 288 macrocells with 800 to 6,400 usable gates

5V in-system programmable

Endurance of 10,000 program/erase cycles

Program/erase over full commercial voltage and temperature range

Enhanced pin-locking architecture

Flexible 36V18 Function Block

90 product terms drive any or all of 18 macrocells within Function Block

Global and product term clocks, output enables, set and reset signals

Extensive IEEE Std 1149.1 boundary-scan (JTAG) support

Programmable power reduction mode in each macrocell

Slew rate control on individual outputs

User programmable ground pin capability

Extended pattern security features for design protection

High-drive 24 mA outputs

3.3V or 5V I/O capability

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