Extract Chip Binary/Heximal File

Extract Chip Binary/Heximal File

When Extract Chip, there is one effective way is infrared rays, no matter for reflection or direct shot when Extract Chip, we can view it from the back side. Silicon can be transparent to the light with wavelength longer than 1.1 micron. But some modern microcontroller chip use the high mixed silicon wafer with length greater than 1.10cm when Extract Chip will be not transparent to the infrared rays. And these chips need to use more powerful light source or infrared camera lens with higher sensitivity if want to Extract Chip.

The image of chip will have a great result if use straightaway light without the application of strong light source, even the standard low cost single color CCD lens can be used to image when Extract Chip. A sheet of blank silicon wafer can carry out to filter the normal light line.

Reflection light has a better comparative degree which don’t require to penetrate too many layers of metal. If we extract chip with 0.5 microns or below, we can attain more information than the normal images. And there is one point we need to pay attention is the image we get from backside is the mirror of frontside image, and when we need to use this image is supposed to turn it around.

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