Extract Chip Heximal Technology

Chip extract technology can be defined as invasive, un-invasive and semi-invasive methods; Un-invasive chip extract has two threatens to the safety of chip: first of all the chip owner maybe unaware of the security key has been stolen, as a result of that, the effective security key won’t be terminated before it has been abused by the chip extracter. Second thing is un-invasive chip extract has a great latitude of flexibility, those chips being extracted can be reproduced and upgraded with extremely low price;

Most of the un-invasive chip extracts need to get familiar with the hardware and software of microprocessor. From another side, invasive microprobe chip extract need only a handful of prepared knowledge, and can usually extract the different products with same technology. But the chip extract will start from reverse engineering, and the result obtained from it can contribute to cheaper and faster extract methods. Semi-invasive chip extracting can be used to learn the functionality of chip and test the security of circuit. And it doesn’t need to build any physical connection from internal layer of chip, and no more expensive facilities and instrument are required, such as laser cutting machine and focus ion beam machine.

Chip extract is reversible, and all the chips can be returned to original status, or some of them can’t be repaired or recovered for ever. Such as the power analysis and microprobe technology can extract the chip and extract the firmware without damage the chip. Anyway microprobe will left trace after chip extract but it won’t affect the normal operation of chip after extract. Faulty injection and ultra-violet extract can almost put the microprocessor in the state of unreliability, and change the internal resistance or the memorizer can’t recover anymore. Of course, the ultra-violet chip extract will left trace.

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