Discover IC MCU Microchip DSPIC33FJ256GP506A-I/PT


We can discover the firmware from IC MCU Microchip DSPIC33FJ256GP506A-I/PT, please view below chip features for your reference:


Operating Conditions

· 3.0V to 3.6V, -40ºC to +150ºC, DC to 20 MIPS

· 3.0V to 3.6V, -40ºC to +125ºC, DC to 40 MIPS

Core: 16-bit dsPIC33F CPU

Timers/Output Compare/Input Capture

· Up to nine 16-bit timers/counters. Can pair up to make four 32-bit timers.

· Eight Output Compare modules configurable as timers/counters


Code-efficient (C and Assembly) architecture

Two 40-bit wide accumulators

Single-cycle (MAC/MPY) with dual data fetch

Single-cycle mixed-sign MUL plus hardware divide

· Eight Input Capture modules

Communication Interfaces

· Two UART modules (10 Mbps)

With support for LIN 2.0 protocols and IrDA®

· Two 4-wire SPI modules (15 Mbps)


Clock Management

· Up to two I2C™ modules (up to 1 Mbaud) with ±2% internal oscillator

Programmable PLLs and oscillator clock sources

Fail-Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM)

Independent Watchdog Timer (WDT)

Fast wake-up and start-up


SMBus support

· Up to two Enhanced CAN (ECAN) modules (1 Mbaud) with 2.0B support

· Data Converter Interface (DCI) module with I2S codec support


Power Management

· Low-power management modes (Sleep, Idle, Doze)

· Integrated Power-on Reset and Brown-out Reset

· 2.1 mA/MHz dynamic current (typical)

· 50 μA IPD current (typical)

Advanced Analog Features

· Two ADC modules:

– Configurable as 10-bit, 1.1 Msps with four S&H or 12-bit, 500 ksps with one S&H

– 18 analog inputs on 64-pin devices and up to 32 analog inputs on 100-pin devices

· Flexible and independent ADC trigger sources



· Sink/Source up to 10 mA (pin specific) for standard VOH/VOL, up to 16 mA (pin specific) for non-standard VOH1

· 5V-tolerant pins

· Selectable open drain, pull-ups, and pull-downs

· Up to 5 mA overvoltage clamp current

· External interrupts on all I/O pins

Qualification and Class B Support

· AEC-Q100 REVG (Grade 1 -40ºC to +125ºC)

· AEC-Q100 REVG (Grade 0 -40ºC to +150ºC)

· Class B Safety Library, IEC 60730

Debugger Development Support


In-circuit and in-application programming

Two program and two complex data breakpoints

IEEE 1149.2-compatible (JTAG) boundary scan

Trace and run-time watch from MCU crack

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