Decrypt CPLD IC Xilinx XC9572-15PQ100C


We can decrypt CPLD IC Xilinx XC9572-15PQ100C, below chip features for your reference:


7.5 ns pin-to-pin logic delays on all pins

fCNT to 125 MHz

72 macrocells with 1,600 usable gates

Up to 72 user I/O pins

5V in-system programmable

Product Specification


The XC9572 is a high-performance CPLD providing advanced in-system programming and test capabilities for general purpose logic integration. It is comprised of eight 36V18 Function Blocks, providing 1,600 usable gates with propagation delays of 7.5 ns. See Figure 2 for the architec-ture overview.


– Endurance of 10,000 program/erase cycles

– Program/erase over full commercial voltage and temperature range

Enhanced pin-locking architecture

Flexible 36V18 Function Block

– 90 product terms drive any or all of 18 macrocells within Function Block

– Global and product term clocks, output enables, set and reset signals

Extensive IEEE Std 1149.1 boundary-scan (JTAG) support

Programmable power reduction mode in each macrocell

Slew rate control on individual outputs

User programmable ground pin capability

Extended pattern security features for design protection

High-drive 24 mA outputs

3.3V or 5V I/O capability

Advanced CMOS 5V FastFLASH™ technology

Supports parallel programming of more than one

XC9500 concurrently

Available in 44-pin PLCC, 84-pin PLCC, 100-pin PQFP,

and 100-pin TQFP packages


Power Management

Power dissipation can be reduced in the XC9572 by config-

uring macrocells to standard or low-power modes of opera-

tion. Unused macrocells are turned off to minimize power


Operating current for each design can be approximated for specific operating conditions using the following equation:

ICC (mA) = MCHP (1.7) + MCLP (0.9) + MC (0.006 mA/MHz) f


MCHP = Macrocells in high-performance mode

MCLP = Macrocells in low-power mode

MC = Total number of macrocells used

f = Clock frequency (MHz)

Figure 1 shows a typical calculation for the XC9572 device after MCU Crack.

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