Decrypt Binary of Chip PIC18F2455

We can decrypt binary of chip PIC18F2455, please view the chip PIC18F2455 features for your reference:
For timing insensitive applications, the “RC” and “RCIO” device options offer additional cost savings. The actual oscillator frequency is a function of several factors:
operating temperature
supply voltage
values of the external resistor (REXT) and capacitor (CEXT)
Given the same device, operating voltage and temperature and component values, there will also be unit-to-unit frequency variations. These are due to factors such as:
normal manufacturing variation
difference in lead frame capacitance between package types (especially for low CEXT values)
variations within the tolerance of limits of REXT and CEXT;
In the RC Oscillator mode, the oscillator frequency divided by 4 is available on the OSC2 pin. This signal may be used for test purposes or to synchronize other logic. Figure 2-5 shows how the R/C combination is connected.
The RCIO Oscillator mode (Figure 2-6) functions like the RC mode, except that the OSC2 pin becomes an additional general purpose I/O pin. The I/O pin becomes bit 6 of PORTA (RA6).
The PLL is also available to the internal oscillator block in selected oscillator modes. In this configuration, the PLL is enabled in software and generates a clock output of up to 32 MHz.
The PIC18F2455 devices include an internal oscillator block which generates two different clock signals; either can be used as the microcontroller’s clock source. This may eliminate the need for external oscillator circuits on the OSC1 and/or OSC2 pins.
The main output (INTOSC) is an 8 MHz clock source, which can be used to directly drive the device clock. It also drives a postscaler, which can provide a range of clock frequencies from 31 kHz to 4 MHz. The INTOSC output is enabled when a clock frequency from 125 kHz to 8 MHz is selected. The other clock source is the internal RC oscillator (INTRC), which provides a nominal 31 kHz output. INTRC is enabled if it is selected as the device clock source when CRACK MCU;