Decode MCU IC Renesas R5F212CCSNFP

We can decode Renesas R5F212CCSNFP MCU IC, please view the microcontroller chip features for your reference:


The R8C/2C Group and R8C/2D Group of single-chip MCUs incorporates the R8C/Tiny Series CPU core,

employing sophisticated instructions for a high level of efficiency. With 1 Mbyte of address space, and it is capable

of executing instructions at high speed. In addition, the CPU core boasts a multiplier for high-speed operation


Power consumption is low, and the supported operating modes allow additional power control. These MCUs also

use an anti-noise configuration to reduce emissions of electromagnetic noise and are designed to withstand EMI.

Integration of many peripheral functions, including multifunction timer and serial interface, reduces the number of

system components.

Furthermore, the R8C/2D Group has on-chip data flash (1 KB × 2 blocks).

The difference between the R8C/2C Group and R8C/2D Group is only the presence or absence of data flash. Their

peripheral functions are the same.


CPU       Central processing


R8C/Tiny series core

· Number of fundamental instructions: 89

· Minimum instruction execution time:

50 ns (f(XIN) = 20 MHz, VCC = 3.0 to 5.5 V)

100 ns (f(XIN) = 10 MHz, VCC = 2.7 to 5.5 V)

200 ns (f(XIN) = 5 MHz, VCC = 2.2 to 5.5 V)

· Multiplier: 16 bits × 16 bits → 32 bits

· Multiply-accumulate instruction: 16 bits × 16 bits + 32 bits → 32 bits

· Operation mode: Single-chip mode (address space: 1 Mbyte)

Memory    ROM, RAM

Refer to Table 1.5 Product List for R8C/2C Group.

Power Supply Voltage detection

Voltage     circuit


· Power-on reset

· Voltage detection 3

I/O Ports    Programmable I/O


· Input-only: 2 pins

· CMOS I/O ports: 71, selectable pull-up resistor

· High current drive ports: 8

Clock      Clock generation


3 circuits: XIN clock oscillation circuit (with on-chip feedback resistor),

On-chip oscillator (high-speed, low-speed)

(high-speed on-chip oscillator has a frequency adjustment function),

XCIN clock oscillation circuit (32 kHz)

· Oscillation stop detection: XIN clock oscillation stop detection function

· Frequency divider circuit: Dividing selectable 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16

· Low power consumption modes:

Standard operating mode (high-speed clock, low-speed clock, high-speed

on-chip oscillator, low-speed on-chip oscillator), wait mode, stop mode

Real-time clock (timer RE)


· External: 5 sources, Internal: 23 sources, Software: 4 sources

· Priority levels: 7 levels

Watchdog Timer

15 bits × 1 (with prescaler), reset start selectable


Timer RA

8 bits × 1 (with 8-bit prescaler)

Timer mode (period timer), pulse output mode (output level inverted every

period), event counter mode, pulse width measurement mode, pulse period

measurement mode

Timer RB

8 bits × 1 (with 8-bit prescaler)

Timer mode (period timer), programmable waveform generation mode (PWM

output), programmable one-shot generation mode, programmable wait one-

shot generation mode

Timer RC

16 bits × 1 (with 4 capture/compare registers)

Timer mode (input capture function, output compare function), PWM mode

(output 3 pins), PWM2 mode (PWM output pin)

Timer RD

16 bits × 2 (with 4 capture/compare registers)

Timer mode (input capture function, output compare function), PWM mode

(output 6 pins), reset synchronous PWM mode (output three-phase

waveforms (6 pins), sawtooth wave modulation), complementary PWM mode

(output three-phase waveforms (6 pins), triangular wave modulation), PWM3

mode (PWM output 2 pins with fixed period)

Timer RE

8 bits × 1

Real-time clock mode (count seconds, minutes, hours, days of week), output

compare mode

Timer RF

16 bits × 1 (with capture/compare register pin and compare register pin)

Input capture mode, output compare mode









Clock synchronous serial I/O/UART × 3

Clock Synchronous Serial I/O with

Chip Select (SSU)


1 (shared with I C-bus)

2     (1)

I C bus

1 (shared with SSU)

LIN Module

Hardware LIN: 1 (timer RA, UART0)

A/D Converter

10-bit resolution × 20 channels, includes sample and hold function, with sweep


D/A Converter

8-bit resolution × 2 circuits

Flash Memory

· Programming and erasure voltage: VCC = 2.7 to 5.5 V

· Programming and erasure endurance: 100 times

· Program security: ROM code protect, ID code check

· Debug functions: On-chip debug, on-board flash rewrite function

Operating Frequency/Supply


f(XIN) = 20 MHz (VCC = 3.0 to 5.5 V)

f(XIN) = 10 MHz (VCC = 2.7 to 5.5 V)

f(XIN) = 5 MHz (VCC = 2.2 to 5.5 V)

Current consumption

12 mA (VCC = 5.0 V, f(XIN) = 20 MHz)

5.5 mA (VCC = 3.0 V, f(XIN) = 10 MHz)

2.1 µA (VCC = 3.0 V, wait mode (f(XCIN) = 32 kHz))

0.65 µA (VCC = 3.0 V, stop mode)

Operating Ambient Temperature

-20 to 85°C (N version)


-40 to 85°C (D version)


-20 to 105°C (Y version)


80-pin LQFP

Package code: PLQP0080KB-A (previous code: 80P6Q-A)

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