Decipher MCU Chip NEC UPD70F3201

We can CRACK MCU NEC UPD70F3201 32-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCONTROLLER, please view the microcontroller features for your reference:

The µPD703201, 703201Y, 70F3201, and 70F3201Y (V850ES/SA2), µPD703204, 703204Y, 70F3204, and 70F3204Y (V850ES/SA3) are products in the V850 Family

TM of 32-bit single-chip microcontrollers, and include peripheral functions such as ROM/RAM, timer/counters, serial interfaces, an A/D converter, a D/A converter, and a DMA controller.

In addition to their high real-time responsiveness and one-clock-pitch execution of instructions, the V850ES/SA2 and V850ES/SA3 include instructions suited to digital servo control applications such as multiplication instructions executed via a hardware multiplier, saturation instructions, and bit manipulation instructions. As a real-time control system, this device provides a high-level cost performance ideal for ultra-low-power DVC and portable audio applications.

Detailed function descriptions are provided in the following user’s manuals. Be sure to read them before designing.

V850ES/SA2, V850ES/SA3 User’s Manual Hardware:     To be prepared

V850ES User’s Manual Architecture:                To be prepared


Number of instructions: 83

Minimum instruction execution time:

59 ns (@ 17 MHz operation with main system clock (fXX))

74 ns (@ 13.5 MHz operation with main system clock (fXX))

General-purpose registers: 32 bits × 32 registers

Instruction set:

Signed multiplication, saturation operations, 32-bit shift instructions, bit manipulation instructions, load/store instructions Memory space:

64 MB linear address space

Memory block division function:

2 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB, 8 MB = Total four blocks

External bus interface: 16-bit data bus

Address bus: Separate output enabled

Internal memory

Interrupts and exceptions

Non-maskable interrupts: 2 sources

Maskable interrupts:

38 sources (µPD703201, 70F3201)

39 sources (µPD703201Y, 70F3201Y)

39 sources (µPD703204, 70F3204)

40 sources (µPD703204Y, 70F3204Y)

Software exceptions: 32 sources

Exception trap: 1 source

I/O lines Total: 82 (V850ES/SA2)

102 (V850ES/SA3)


16-bit timer: 2 channels

8-bit timer: 4 channels

Real-time counter (for watch): 1 channel

Watchdog timer: 1 channel


Mask ROM:


256 KB (µPD703201, 703201Y,


703204, 703204Y)

Flash memory: 256 KB (µPD70F3201, 70F3201Y,

70F3204, 70F3204Y)

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