Decipher IC Chip


When Clone IC, burnout the lead pin is one of the most difficult way to prevent it the firmware inside the IC being deciphered, and there is totally three ways for burnout the lead pin:

For 51 series microcontroller, Such as AT89C51 from ATMEL, the most effective way to prevent chip decipher is burnout the data bus’s lead pin;

Regarding PIC chip, the general series can use ultraviolet radiation to remove the protection and decipher IC, but once the data circuit and clock circuit (especially data circuit) being burnout, the complexity level will increase dramatically.

When it comes to AVR chip decipher, nowadays AVR IC are all support ISP interface online program model, and under this model, data input circuit (MOSI), and data output circuit (MISO), reset circuit (RST) and clock circuit (SCK) are all indispensable. Burnout anyone of these circuits will greatly increase the complexity of IC decipher.

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