Crack Microcontroller Chip Process

Crack Microcontroller Chip is one of our main jobs in the Reverse Engineering Business Market, crack microcontroller chip business process will normally include three steps: first is customer send us the part number of microcontroller chip to us for quote, we can quote customer the price of crack it, but this price only contain the crack binary or HEX file, if customer need to have one or two piece of microcontroller chip as validation samples, customer need to pay the charge of microcontroller chip price or provide them to us before crack.

When we quote the price of crack microcontroller chip, normally the first time is based upon the part number of microcontroller chip provided by customer, so we can’t ensure this would be the final and deal price of this work, because there would be several conditions will affect the final crack prices:


  1. The different footprints of microcontroller chip, some microcontroller chip’s footprint is quite unique and rare to use in the market, although as a dedicated cracker we have a great variety of adapter for selection, we can’t ensure have all of the adapters that will be suitable for crack, if the footprint of microcontroller chip customers provided don’t have comparable adapter, then we need to buy a unique adapter which will cause higher cost, or customer provide the adapter to us for crack;
  2. The part number of microcontroller chip given by customer is not complete through email or phone, after the receipt of microcontroller chip need to crack from customer, we learn the complete or correct part number, some of them will not affect the final price of crack, but some of them will have great difference such as AT89C51RD and AT89C51;
  3. The PINOUT of microcontroller chip has been removed or burn out and if that condition happens we need to do tremendous work before crack and reconnect the microcontroller chip, and this cost of process even higher than crack microcontroller chip. Currently the maximum PINOUT we can reconnect before crack microcontroller chip is 6;
  4. The marking on the microcontroller chip is fake one and we can’t crack it according to this one, and the real and correct part number has been concealed by the designer to tamper crack microcontroller chip;


If above situations happen, we will firstly keep our customer informed before crack the microcontroller chip, ensure our customers are all fully aware of the alteration of this situations and before any further movement.

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