Crack Microcomputer IC Texas Instruments TMS320F28021PTT

We can crack Texas Instruments microcontroller TMS320F28021PTT Piccolo Microcomputer IC, please view the IC chip features for your reference:




· Highlights

High-Efficiency 32-Bit CPU ( TMS320C28x™)

– 60-MHz, 50-MHz, and 40-MHz Devices

– Single 3.3-V Supply

– Integrated Power-on and Brown-out Resets

Small Packaging, as Low as 38-Pin Available

– Low Power

– No Analog Support Pins


– Integrated Power-on and Brown-out Resets

– Two Internal Zero-pin Oscillators

– Up to 22 Multiplexed GPIO Pins

– Three 32-Bit CPU Timers

– On-Chip Flash, SARAM, OTP Memory

– Code-security Module

– Serial Port Peripherals (SCI/SPI/I2C)

Enhanced Control Peripherals

· Enhanced Pulse Width Modulator (ePWM)

· High-Resolution PWM (HRPWM)

· Enhanced Capture (eCAP)

· Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

· On-Chip Temperature Sensor

· Comparator

– 38-Pin and 48-Pin Packages

· High-Efficiency 32-Bit CPU ( TMS320C28x™)

– 60 MHz (16.67-ns Cycle Time)

– 50 MHz (20-ns Cycle Time)

– 40 MHz (25-ns Cycle Time)

16 x 16 and 32 x 32 MAC Operations

– 16 x 16 Dual MAC

– Harvard Bus Architecture

– Atomic Operations

– Fast Interrupt Response and Processing

– Unified Memory Programming Model

– Code-Efficient (in C/C++ and Assembly)

· Low Device and System Cost:

– Single 3.3-V Supply

No Power Sequencing Requirement



– Two Internal Zero-pin Oscillators

– On-Chip Crystal Oscillator/External Clock


– Dynamic PLL Ratio Changes Supported

– Watchdog Timer Module

– Missing Clock Detection Circuitry

Up to 22 Individually Programmable,

Multiplexed GPIO Pins With Input Filtering

Peripheral Interrupt Expansion (PIE) Block That

Supports All Peripheral Interrupts

Three 32-Bit CPU Timers

Independent 16-Bit Timer in Each ePWM


On-Chip Memory

– Flash, SARAM, OTP, Boot ROM Available

128-Bit Security Key/Lock

– Protects Secure Memory Blocks

Prevents Firmware Reverse Engineering

Serial Port Peripherals

– One SCI (UART) Module

– One SPI Module

– One Inter-Integrated-Circuit (I2C) Bus

Advanced Emulation Features

– Analysis and Breakpoint Functions

– Real-Time Debug via Hardware

2802x, 2802xx Packages

38-Pin DA Plastic Small-Outline Package


– 48-Pin PT Plastic Quad Flatpack (PQFP)

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