Crack Microchip MCU IC PIC16C54C Firmware

We can crack Microchip PIC MCU IC PIC16C54C Firmware, please view the MCU IC features for your reference:


12-bit wide instructions when crack PIC MCU

8-bit wide data path

Seven or eight special function hardware registers

Two-level deep hardware stack if crack PIC MCU

Direct, indirect and relative addressing modes for

data and instructions

Peripheral Features:

· 8-bit real time clock/counter (TMR0) with 8-bit

programmable prescaler

· Power-on Reset (POR)



PIC16C5X refers to all revisions of the part

· Device Reset Timer (DRT)

(i.e., PIC16C54 refers to PIC16C54, PIC16C54A, and PIC16C54C), unless specifically called out otherwise for the purpose of crack PIC MCU.

High-Performance RISC CPU:

· Only 33 single word instructions to learn

· All instructions are single cycle except for program branches which are two-cycle

· Operating speed: DC – 40 MHz clock input DC – 100 ns instruction cycle

· Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC oscillator for reliable operation

· Programmable Code Protection

· Power saving SLEEP mode

· Selectable oscillator options:

– RC:   Low cost RC oscillator

– XT:   Standard crystal/resonator when PIC MCU crack

– HS:   High speed crystal/resonator

– LP:   Power saving, low frequency crystal

CMOS Technology:

· Low power, high speed CMOS EPROM/ROM technology

· Fully static design

· Wide operating voltage and temperature range:

– EPROM Commercial/Industrial 2.0V to 6.25V

– ROM Commercial/Industrial 2.0V to 6.25V

– EPROM Extended 2.5V to 6.0V

– ROM Extended 2.5V to 6.0V

· Low power consumption

– < 2 mA typical @ 5V, 4 MHz

– 15 µA typical @ 3V, 32 kHz

– < 0.6 µA typical standby current

(with WDT disabled) @ 3V, 0°C to 70°C


In this document, figure and table titles refer to all varieties of the part number indicated, (i.e., The title “Figure 15-1: Load

Conditions For Device Timing Specifications – PIC16C54A”, also refers to PIC16LC54A and PIC16LV54A parts),

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