Below are MCU IC CRACK list from world famous brand names:

  1. MOTOROLA MCU IC crack:

MOTOROLA is the largest MCU IC manufacturer in the world, and characterized by its great product variety and lots of product selection, especially the new products. In 8-BITs products series possess 68HC05 and upgraded version 68HC08 which can be cracked completely, 68HC05 several series over 200 kinds of products with production capacity over two billion piece. Advanced 8bits MCU IC has 68HC11 with thousand million production rate with updated version 68HC12 which can be cracked partially currently. 16 bits MCU IC include 68HC16 and 32 bits. MOTOROLA MCU IC has been featured by its low clock frequency rate compare with INTEL MCU IC, which makes it has lower noise when high frequency and great capability to resist the interference, more suitable for industrial automation and other abominable environment. MOTOROLA 8 bits MCU IC mainly applied the mask rom in the past but in recent days in order to adapt to the development of MCU IC, it has introduced OTP program which bring more difficult when crack it.


Microchip microcontroller MCU IC is one of the fastest growing ones in the market, it is main product include 16C series 8bits MCU IC, and it is CPU apply RISC structure with only 33 lines of instruction, fast operation speed and low price. It is MCU IC generally will be lower than 1usd per piece which is also one of the reasons that why cracker is more in favor of crack it than others. There is no maskrom product in MICROCHIP and all of the products are all for OTP ones.

3  NEC MCU IC Crack

NEC microcontroller MCU IC has the highest production volume for its 8bits 78K series MCU IC, as well as 16bits, 32bits microcontroller. 16bits MCU IC use internal multiple frequency technology which will more difficult to crack and low down the clock frequency. Some MCU IC will apply internal operational system to prevent the crack from externally. NEC is strive for big and great account and invest great amount of technology force and energy for them to develop new products as well as assist them to tamper the MCU IC crack for other customers;


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