Crack MCU ATTINY13V Heximal

Crack MCU ATTINY13V Heximal

We can crack MCU ATTINY13V Heximal, please view the MCU ATTINY13V features for your reference:

Wrong values read after Erase Only operation

At supply voltages below 2.7 V, an EEPROM location that is erased by the Erase Only operation may read as programmed (0x00).

Problem Fix/Workaround

If it is necessary to read an EEPROM location after Erase Only, use an Atomic Write operation with 0xFF as data in order to erase a location. In any case, the Write Only operation can be used as intended. Thus no special considerations are needed as long as the erased location is not read before it is programmed when Crack MCU.


High Voltage Serial Programming Flash, EEPROM, Fuse and Lock Bits may fail

Writing to any of these locations and bits may in some occasions fail if Crack MCU.

Problem Fix/Workaround

After a writing has been initiated, always observe the RDY/BSY signal. If the writing should fail, rewrite until the RDY/BSY verifies a correct writing. This will be fixed in revision D before Crack MCU.

Device may lock for further programming

Special combinations of fuse bits will lock the device for further programming effectively turning it into an OTP device. The following combinations of settings/fuse bits will cause this effect after Crack MCU:

128 kHz internal oscillator (CKSEL[1..0] = 11), shortest start-up time (SUT[1..0] = 00), Debugwire enabled (DWEN = 0) or Reset disabled RSTDISBL = 0.

9.6 MHz internal oscillator (CKSEL[1..0] = 10), shortest start-up time (SUT[1..0] = 00), Debugwire enabled (DWEN = 0) or Reset disabled RSTDISBL = 0.

4.8 MHz internal oscillator (CKSEL[1..0] = 01), shortest start-up time (SUT[1..0] = 00), Debugwire enabled (DWEN = 0) or Reset disabled RSTDISBL = 0 when Crack MCU.

Problem fix/ Workaround

Avoid the above fuse combinations. Selecting longer start-up time will eliminate the problem.

debugWIRE communication not blocked by lock-bits

When debugWIRE on-chip debug is enabled (DWEN = 0), the contents of program memory and EEPROM data memory can be read even if the lock-bits are set to block further reading of the device if Crack MCU.

Problem fix/ Workaround

Do not ship products with on-chip debug of the tiny13 enabled.


Watchdog Timer Interrupt disabled

If the watchdog timer interrupt flag is not cleared before a new timeout occurs, the watchdog will be disabled, and the interrupt flag will automatically be cleared. This is only applicable in interrupt only mode. If the Watchdog is configured to reset the device in the watchdog time-out following an interrupt, the device works correctly before Crack MCU.

Problem fix / Workaround

Make sure there is enough time to always service the first timeout event before a new watchdog timeout occurs. This is done by selecting a long enough time-out period.


EEPROM can not be written below 1.9 Volt

Writing the EEPROM at VCC below 1.9 volts might fail.

Problem Fix/Workaround

Do not write the EEPROM when VCC is below 1.9 volts after Crack MCU.

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