Crack MCU ATMEGA861A Heximal

We can Crack MCU ATMEGA861A Heximal, please view the MCU ATMEGA861A features for your reference:

A Power-on Reset (POR) circuit ensures that the device is reset from Power-on. Reaching the Power-on Reset threshold voltage invokes a delay counter, which determines the delay, for which the device is kept in RESET after VCC rise when Crack MCU.

The time-out period of the delay counter can be defined by the user through the CKSEL fuses. The different selections for the delay period are presented in Table 5 if Crack MCU.

The RESET signal is activated again, without any delay, when the VCC decreases below detection level. An External Reset is generated by a low-level on the RESET pin before Crack MCU.

Reset pulses longer than 500 ns will generate a reset, even if the clock is not running. Shorter pulses are not guaranteed to generate a reset after Crack MCU.

When the applied signal reaches the Reset Threshold Voltage (VRST) on its positive edge, the delay timer starts the MCU after the Time-out period tTOUT has expired when Crack MCU.

ATMEGA861A has an On-chip Brown-out Detection (BOD) circuit for monitoring the VCC level during the operation. The BOD circuit can be enabled/disabled by the fuse BODEN if Crack MCU.

When BODEN is enabled (BODEN programmed), and VCC decreases below the trigger level, the Brown-out Reset is immediately activated before Crack MCU.

When VCC increases above the trigger level, the Brown-out Reset is deactivated after a delay. The delay is defined by the user in the same way as the delay of POR signal, in Table 5 after Crack MCU.

The trigger level for the BOD can be selected by the fuse BODLEVEL to be 2.7V (BODLEVEL unprogrammed), or 4.0V (BODLEVEL programmed). The trigger level has a hysteresis of 50 mV to ensure spike-free Brown-out Detection when Crack MCU.

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