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The PIC16C672 has a host of features intended to maximize system reliability, minimize cost through elimination of external components, provide power saving features and offer code protection.
These features are:
• Reset
– Power-on Reset (POR)
– Power-up Timer (PWRT)
– Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST)
– Brown-out Reset (BOR)
• Interrupts of microcontroller
• Watchdog Timer (WDT)
• Oscillator Selection
• Sleep
• Code Protection
• ID Locations
• In-Circuit Serial Programming™
The PIC16F917/916/914/913 has two timers that offer necessary delays on power-up. One is the Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST), intended to keep the chip in Reset until the crystal oscillator is stable. The other is the Power-up Timer (PWRT), which provides a fixed delay of 64 ms (nominal) on power-up only, designed to keep the part in Reset while the power supply stabilizes from Crack Locked Chip PIC16C672 Flash Content.
There is also circuitry to reset the device if a brown-out occurs, which can use the Power-up Timer to provide at least a 64 ms Reset. With these three functions-on-chip, most applications need no external Reset circuitry. The Sleep mode is designed to offer a very low-current Power-down mode. The user can wake-up from Sleep through:
External Reset
Watchdog Timer Wake-up
An interrupt
Several oscillator options are also made available to allow the part to fit the application. The INTOSC option saves system cost, while the LP crystal option saves power. A set of configuration bits are used to select various options before Crack Locked Chip PIC16C672 Flash Content.
The configuration bits can be programmed (read as ‘0’), or left unprogrammed (read as ‘1’) to select various device configurations as shown in Register 16-1. These bits are mapped in program memory location 2007h. Address 2007h is beyond the user program memory space. It belongs to the special configuration memory space (2000h-3FFFh), which can be accessed only during programming after CRACK MCU.