Crack IC ATMEGA169PV Flash

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Instructions that use indirect addressing access the upper 128 bytes of RAM. For example, the following indirect addressing instruction, where R0 contains 0A0H, accesses the data byte at address 0A0H, rather than P2 (whose address is 0A0H) when crack ic flash.

MOV @R0, #data Note that stack operations are examples of indirect addressing, so the upper 128 bytes of data RAM are available as stack space if crack ic flash.

The programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT) operates from an independent oscillator. The prescaler bits, PS0, PS1 and PS2 in SFR WCON are used to set the period of the Watchdog Timer from 16 ms to 2048 ms before crack ic flash.

The available timer periods are shown in the following table and the actual timer periods (at VCC = 5V) are within ±30% of the nominal. The WDT is disabled by Power-on Reset and during Power Down after crack ic flash.

It is enabled by setting the WDTEN bit in SFR WCON (address = 96H). The WDT is reset by setting the WDTRST bit in WCON. When the WDT times out without being reset or disabled, an internal RST pulse is generated to reset the CPU before crack ic flash.

Timer 0 and Timer 1 in the ATMEGA169PV operate the same way as Timer 0 and Timer 1 in the ATMEGA169PV. For further information, see the October 1995 Microcontroller Data Book, page 2-45, section titled, “Timer/Counters.” when crack ic flash

Timer 2 is a 16 bit Timer/Counter that can operate as either a timer or an event counter. The type of operation is selected by bit C/T2 in the SFR T2CON (shown in Table 2). Timer 2 has three operating modes: capture, auto-reload (up or down counting), and baud rate generator if crack ic flash.

The modes are selected by bits in T2CON, as shown in Table 8. Timer 2 consists of two 8-bit registers, TH2 and TL2. In the Timer function, the TL2 register is incremented every machine cycle. Since a machine cycle consists of 12 oscillator periods, the count rate is 1/12 of the oscillator frequency before crack ic flash.

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