Crack Chip Purposes

Chip crack can have different purpose due to the different targets, and usually different chip crack methods will be applied. Sometimes on the crackright pirate market, those populated products are much easier to earn bulks of money. Those big manufacturers will consider crack the intellectual property from original chip and mix with the intellectual property of others to cover their pirate activity. Some companies may probably think it is more reasonable to crack the secret information from other’s chip and then develop the similar product to take over the market share. So the product designer must first take the initiation of chip crack into consideration and then consider its protection mechanism.

Chip crack from individual person, they normally want to bring down the accessory cost. As for the big companies, they are more interest on increase the sales volume than on the design investment. For instance, competitor can crack chip from existing product for the purpose of bring down the development cost. For sure, they will try to disguise their thieve behavior with some effort. Compare with the research and development cost, these investment are very small and can even be omitted. The most commonly activities we have seen in the chip crack intellectual property is producing more units than market demanding. And then sell the extra amount into the market or third party.

Service chip crack normally occur in the process of electronic components provide access control against service and information provider. Such as cable or satellite television company who want to control all the granted channels. If the chip copier can go around the security system or stimulate the device, then this service provider will get lost from chip crack. If there is tremendous chip copier can receive the television channel, then the service provide will lost a lot of money.

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