Crack Chip Security Level

Crack Chip a complicate job which will involve a lot of additional tasks and time, energy and money need to spend. There are a lot of chip manufacturers in this electronic market and most of them have embedded firmware and need to crack. There is also quite a few of dedicated chip cracker doing this job around the world and most of them will evaluate the chip first to give them an assessment about the security level.

It is quite difficult to analyze the security level of a chip from microcontroller since too much item need to be taken into consideration from the encapsulation of chip, internal structure and schematic diagram of chip to the structure of memorizer location and type. As we all know the memorizer of chip from early stage containing ROM, mask ROM, Eprom and flash eeprom. The interface of programming and read/write, location of security fuse and security key. Chip cracker need to understand all these principles and have clear idea about their information. Furthermore, chip cracker also need to collect other security information relate to noise detection, power supply voltage monitoring, network for protection and anti-cracking resistance.,etc.

There is no such simple way to analyze the security of a chip and its features for chip cracker, only through different cracking method to compare the result. From other side, semi-invasive cracking is easier to operate than un-invasive cracking for automatically operation; at the same time, the facilities required for semi invasive cracking is much cheaper than invasive chip cracking. Which ensure the semi-invasive chip crack method become quite populated in the relative cheap chip security market.

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