Crack Chip ATTINY461A Eeprom

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An interrupt between step 5 and step 6 will make the write cycle fail, since the EEPROM Master Write Enable will time-out. If an interrupt routine accessing the EEPROM is interrupting another EEPROM access, the EEAR or EEDR Register will be modified, causing the interrupted EEPROM access to fail when crack chip eeprom.

It is recommended to have the Global Interrupt Flag cleared during all the steps to avoid these problems. When the write access time has elapsed, the EEPE bit is cleared by hardware. The user software can poll this bit and wait for a zero before writing the next byte if crack chip eeprom.

When EEPE has been set, the CPU is halted for two cycles before the next instruction is executed. The EEPROM Read Enable Signal EERE is the read strobe to the EEPROM. When the correct address is set up in the EEAR Register, the EERE bit must be written to a logic one to trigger the EEPROM read before crack chip eeprom.

The EEPROM read access takes one instruction, and the requested data is available immediately. When the EEPROM is read, the CPU is halted for four cycles before the next instruction is executed after crack chip eeprom.

The user should poll the EEPE bit before starting the read operation. If a write operation is in progress, it is neither possible to read the EEPROM, nor to change the EEAR Register when crack chip eeprom.

The calibrated Oscillator is used to time the EEPROM accesses. Table 3 lists the typical programming time for EEPROM access from the CPU. The following code examples show one assembly and one C function for writing to the EEPROM if crack chip eeprom.

The examples assume that interrupts are controlled (e.g. by disabling interrupts globally) so that no interrupts will occur during execution of these functions before crack chip eeprom.

The examples also assume that no Flash Boot Loader is present in the software. If such code is present, the EEPROM write function must also wait for any ongoing SPM command to finish after crack chip eeprom.

The next code examples show assembly and C functions for reading the EEPROM. The examples assume that interrupts are controlled so that no interrupts will occur during execution of these functions.


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