Crack ATMEL MCU AT32UC3C264C Program

We can Crack ATMEL MCU AT32UC3C264C Program, please view the ATMEL MCU AT32UC3C264C features for your reference:

One 4-Channel 20-bit Pulse Width Modulation Controller (PWM)

– Complementary outputs, with Dead Time Insertion

– Output Override and Fault Protection

Two Quadrature Decoders

One 16-channel 12-bit Pipelined Analog-To-Digital Converter (ADC)

– Dual Sample and Hold Capability Allowing 2 Synchronous Conversions

– Single-Ended and Differential Channels, Window Function

Two 12-bit Digital-To-Analog Converters (DAC), with Dual Output Sample System when Crack ATMEL MCU

Four Analog Comparators

Six 16-bit Timer/Counter (TC) Channels

– External Clock Inputs, PWM, Capture and Various Counting Capabilities

One Peripheral Event Controller

– Trigger Actions in Peripherals Depending on Events Generated from Peripherals or from Input Pins

– Deterministic Trigger after atmel mcu being cracked

– 34 Events and 22 Event Actions

Five Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters (USART)

– Independent Baudrate Generator, Support for SPI, LIN, IrDA and ISO7816 interfaces

– Support for Hardware Handshaking, RS485 Interfaces and Modem Line

Two Master/Slave Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI) with Chip Select Signals

One Inter-IC Sound (I2S) Controller

– Compliant with I2S Bus Specification if crack atmel mcu

– Time Division Multiplexed mode

Three Master and Three Slave Two-Wire Interfaces (TWI), 400kbit/s I2C-compatible

QTouch® Library Support

– Capacitive Touch Buttons, Sliders, and Wheels

– QTouch® and QMatrix® Acquisition

On-Chip Non-intrusive Debug System

– Nexus Class 2+, Runtime Control, Non-Intrusive Data and Program Trace

– aWire™ single-pin programming trace and debug interface muxed with reset pin

– NanoTrace™ provides trace capabilities through JTAG or aWire interface when crack atmel mcu

3 package options

– 64-pin QFN/TQFP (45 GPIO pins)

– 100-pin TQFP (81 GPIO pins)

– 144-pin LQFP (123 GPIO pins)

Two operating voltage ranges:


– Single 5V Power Supply

– Single 3.3V Power Supply after Crack MCU

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