Crack ATMEL eeprom AT88SC0204C

We can crack Atmel AT88SC0204C eeprom, please view below IC features for your reference:

One of a family of devices with user memories from 1Kbit to 8Kbit

2Kbit (256-byte) EEPROM user memory

Four 512-bit (64-byte) zones

Self-timed write cycle

Single byte or 16-byte page write mode

Programmable access rights for each zone

2Kbit configuration zone

  • · 37-byte OTP (One-time Programmable) area for user-defined codes
  • · 160-byte area for user-defined keys and passwords

High security features

64-bit mutual authentication protocol (under license of ELVA)

Cryptographic Message Authentication Codes (MAC)

Stream encryption

Four key sets for authentication and encryption

Eight sets of two 24-bit passwords

Anti-tearing function

Voltage and frequency monitors


Smart card features

ISO 7816 Class B (3V) operation

ISO 7816-3 asynchronous T=0 protocol (Gemplus® Patent) *

Multiple zones, key sets and passwords for multi-application use

Synchronous two-wire serial interface for faster device initialization *

Programmable 8-byte answer-to-reset register

ISO 7816-2 compliant modules

Embedded application features


Low voltage supply: 2.7V – 3.6V

Secure nonvolatile storage for sensitive system or user information

Two-wire serial interface (TWI, 5V compatible)

1.0MHz compatibility for fast operation

Standard 8-lead plastic packages, green compliant (exceeds RoHS)

Same pin configuration as Atmel® AT24CXXX Serial EEPROM in SOIC and

PDIP packages

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