CPLD Crack

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Refers to CPLD Crack, brute force can be also applied to a hardware design implemented into a CPLD. In this case the attacker tries to apply all possible logic combinations to the input of the device while observing all its outputs. That kind of CPLD crack could be also called black-box analysis because the CPLD attacker does not have to know anything about the design of the device under test. He only tries to understand the function of the device by trying all possible combinations of signals. This approach works well only for relatively small logic devices.

Another problem the CPLD breaker will face is that designs implemented in CPLDs have flip-flops, so the output will probably be function of both the previous state and the input. But the search space can be significantly reduced if the signals are observed and analysed beforehand. For example, clock inputs, data buses and some control signals could be easily identified, significantly reducing the area of search.

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