Copy Protected PIC12C509A Code

Copy Protected PIC12C509A Code

Copy Protected PIC12C509A Code

We can Copy Protected PIC12C509A Code, please view the Protected PIC12C509A features for your reference:

The Watchdog always on (WDTON) fuse, if programmed, will force the Watchdog Timer to System Reset mode. With the fuse programmed the System Reset mode bit (WDE) and Interrupt mode bit (WDIE) are locked to 1 and 0 respectively.

To further ensure program security, alterations to the Watchdog set-up must follow timed sequences. The sequence for clearing WDE and changing time-out configuration is as follows:

  1. In the same operation, write a logic one to the Watchdog change enable bit (WDCE) and WDE. A logic one must be written to WDE regardless of the previous value of the WDE bit .
  1. Within the next four clock cycles, write the WDE and Watchdog prescaler bits (WDP) as desired, but with the WDCE bit cleared. This must be done in one operation after Copy Protected PIC12C509A Code.

The following code example shows one assembly and one C function for turning off the Watchdog Timer. The example assumes that interrupts are controlled (e.g. by disabling interrupts globally) so that no interrupts will occur during the execution of these functions.
Note: If the Watchdog is accidentally enabled, for example by a runaway pointer or brown-out condition, the device will be reset and the Watchdog Timer will stay enabled. If the code is not set up to handle the Watchdog, this might lead to an eternal loop of time-out resets when Copy Protected PIC12C509A Code.

To avoid this situation, the application software should always clear the Watchdog System Reset Flag (WDRF) and the WDE control bit in the initialisation routine, even if the Watchdog is not in use.

The following code example shows one assembly and one C function for changing the time-out value of the Watchdog Timer. Note: The Watchdog Timer should be reset before any change of the WDP bits, since a change in the WDP bits can result in a time-out when switching to a shorter time-out period.

This bit is set when a time-out occurs in the Watchdog Timer and the Watchdog Timer is configured for interrupt. WDIF is cleared by hardware when executing the corresponding interrupt handling vector. Alternatively, WDIF is cleared by writing a logic one to the flag. When the I-bit in SREG and WDIE are set, the Watchdog Time-out Interrupt is executed after UNLOCK MICROCONTROLLER.