Copy IC Chip Embedded Firmware

Copy IC chip firmware from embedded flash or program area is complicate process and most of our customers neither know the internal structure of IC chip nor the firmware assemble rule. So for the customers who come to us first time request copying IC chip, we will suggest to send them two piece of IC chip samples for the purpose of validation our copy work. As we specify in our contract with customers before the IC chip copy work begin, the validation time length won’t be longer than 5 working days from the receipt day of our IC chip samples. And customers do have the obligation to keep us informed about the test result after copy the BIN or HEX file from IC chip.

As we all know, currently most of the customers we are dealing with are from different countries around the world, and even if we delivery the IC chip sample after program the firmware copy from original IC chip by the fastest way like DHL, UPS express, it will still consume several days to arrive at customers. But normally speaking after the IC chip being de-capsulated (it is the first step of copy firmware from IC chip), air will find a way to enter into the internal structure of IC chip which is very fragile to oxidation. So if the de-capsulate IC chip being exposed under the air, the analog and digital circuit will be oxidate soon, moreover, the residual acid will corrupt the internal silicon grid of IC chip which will cause it become useless and the content inside the flash and program for copy will be useless anymore. So customers are compelled to let us know if they needs more time 5 working days to validate the IC chip sample and the copied firmware. In case the validation process is failed, it would be impossible for us to compare the copied original data with original IC chip.

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