Copy CPLD IC Chip Xilinx XC9572XL-10TQG100C


We can Clone IC Chip XC9572XL-10TQG100C, please view the chip features for your reference:


· 5 ns pin-to-pin logic delays

· System frequency up to 178 MHz

· 72 macrocells with 1,600 usable gates

Available in small footprint packages

44-pin PLCC (34 user I/O pins)

– 44-pin VQFP (34 user I/O pins)

– 48-pin CSP (38 user I/O pins)

– 64-pin VQFP (52 user I/O pins)

100-pin TQFP (72 user I/O pins)

– Pb-free available for all packages

Product Specification

cations and computing systems. It is comprised of four 54V18 Function Blocks, providing 1,600 usable gates with propagation delays of 5 ns.

Power Estimation

Power dissipation in CPLDs can vary substantially depending on the system frequency, design application and output loading. To help reduce power dissipation, each macrocell in a XC9500XL device may be configured for low-power mode (from the default high-performance mode). In addition, unused product-terms and macrocells are automatically deactivated by the software to further conserve power.


Optimized for high-performance 3.3V systems

Low power operation

– 5V tolerant I/O pins accept 5V, 3.3V, and 2.5V signals

– 3.3V or 2.5V output capability

– Advanced 0.35 micron feature size CMOS

Advanced system features

In-system programmable

– Superior pin-locking and routability with Fast CONNECT™ II switch matrix

– Extra wide 54-input Function Blocks

– Up to 90 product-terms per macrocell with individual product-term allocation

– Local clock inversion with three global and one product-term clocks

– Individual output enable per output pin

– Input hysteresis on all user and boundary-scan pin inputs

– Bus-hold circuitry on all user pin inputs

Full IEEE Standard 1149.1 boundary-scan (JTAG)

Fast concurrent programming

Slew rate control on individual outputs

Enhanced data security features

Excellent quality and reliability

– Endurance exceeding 10,000 program/erase cycles

– 20 year data retention

– ESD protection exceeding 2,000V

Pin-compatible with 5V-core XC9572 device in the


For a general estimate of ICC, the following equation may be used:

ICC(mA) = MCHS(0.175*PTHS + 0.345) + MCLP(0.052*PTLP

+ 0.272) + 0.04 * MCTOG(MCHS +MCLP)* f


MCHS = # macrocells in high-speed configuration

PTHS = average number of high-speed product terms per macrocell

MCLP = # macrocells in low power configuration

PTLP = average number of low power product terms per macrocell

f = maximum clock frequency

MCTOG = average % of flip-flops toggling per clock (~12%)

This calculation was derived from laboratory measurements of an XC9500XL part filled with 16-bit counters and allowing

a single output (the LSB) to be enabled. The actual ICC value varies with the design application and should be verified during normal system operation. Figure 1 shows the above estimation in a graphical form. For a more detailed discussion of power consumption in this device, see Xilinx 44-pin PLCC package and the 100-pin TQFP package

WARNING: Programming temperature range of

TA = 0° C to +70° C

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