Copy Chip STMicroelectronics ST72C215G2

We can UNLOCK MICROCONTROLLER STMicroelectronics ST72C215G2 8-BIT MCU WITH SINGLE VOLTAGE FLASH MEMORY chip, please view the IC mcu features for your reference:


– 4K or 8K bytes Program memory (ROM and single voltage FLASH) with read-out protection and in-situ programming (remote ISP)

– 256 bytes RAM

Clock, Reset and Supply Management

– Enhanced reset system

Enhanced low voltage supply supervisor with 3 programmable levels

– Clock sources: crystal/ceramic resonator oscillators or RC oscillators, external clock, backup Clock Security System

– Clock-out capability


3 Power Saving Modes: Halt, Wait and Slow

Interrupt Management

– 7 interrupt vectors plus TRAP and RESET

– 22 external interrupt lines (on 2 vectors) 22 I/O Ports

22 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines

– 14 alternate function lines

– 8 high sink outputs

3 Timers

– Configurable watchdog timer

– Two 16-bit timers with: 2 input captures, 2 out-put compares, external clock input on one timer, PWM and Pulse generator modes

(one only on ST72104Gx and ST72216G1)

2 Communications Interfaces


Instruction Set

8-bit data manipulation

– 63 basic instructions

– 17 main addressing modes

– 8 x 8 unsigned multiply instruction

– True bit manipulation

Development Tools

Full hardware/software development package


– SPI synchronous serial interface

– I2C multimaster interface

(only on ST72254Gx)

1 Analog peripheral

8-bit ADC with 6 input channels (except on ST72104Gx)

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