Clone Microcontroller IC Renesas 64F2646FC20


We can unlock microcontroller IC Renesas 64F2646FC20, please view below chip features for your reference:

General-register machine

Sixteen 16-bit general registers (also usable as sixteen 8-bit registers or eight 32-bit registers)

High-speed operation suitable for realtime control
Maximum clock rate: 20 MHz
High-speed arithmetic operations
8/16/32-bit register-register add/subtract
16 × 16-bit register-register multiply
16 × 16 + 42-bit multiply and accumulate
32 ÷ 16-bit register-register divide
: 50 ns
: 200 ns
: 200 ns
: 1000 ns

Instruction set suitable for high-speed operation
Sixty-nine basic instructions
8/16/32-bit move/arithmetic and logic instructions
Unsigned/signed multiply and divide instructions
Multiply-and accumulate instruction
Powerful bit-manipulation instructions
Two CPU operating modes
Normal mode: 64-kbyte address space (not used on this device)
Advanced mode: 16-Mbyte address space

Bus controller
Address space divided into 8 areas, with bus specifications settable independently for each area


Choice of 8-bit or 16-bit access space for each area 2-state or 3-state access space can be designated for each area
Number of program wait states can be set for each area
Direct connection to burst ROM supported
PC break controller
Supports debugging functions by means of PC break interrupts

Two break channels
Data transfer

Can be activated by internal interrupt or software controller (DTC)

Multiple transfers or multiple types of transfer possible for one activation source
Transfer possible in repeat mode, block transfer mode, etc.
Request can be sent to CPU for interrupt that activated DTC

16-bit timer pulse
6-channel 16-bit timer on-chip unit (TPU)

Pulse I/O processing capability for up to 16 pins

Automatic 2-phase encoder count capability Programmable

Maximum 8-bit pulse output possible with TPU as time base pulse generator (PPG)

Output trigger selectable in 4-bit groups
Non-overlap margin can be set

Direct output or inverse output setting possible
Watchdog timer

Watchdog timer or interval timer selectable (WDT) 2 channels

Operation using subclock supported (WDT1 only)
Serial communica-Asynchronous mode or synchronous mode selectable tion interface (SCI) 2 channels
(SCI0 and SCI1)

Multiprocessor communication function
Smart card interface function
Serial communication interface (SCI) 3 channels (SCI0, SCI1, and SCI2)
Controller area
CAN: Ver. 2.0B compliant network (HCAN) 1 channels

Buffer size: 15 transmit/receive messages, transmit only one message
Filtering of receive messages A/D converter

Resolution: 10 bits

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