Clone MCU ATMEGA461A Software

We can Clone MCU ATMEGA461A Software, please view the MCU ATMEGA461A features for your reference:

The ATMEGA461A has four sources of reset:

Power-on Reset. The MCU is reset when the supply voltage is below the Power-on

Reset threshold (VPOR) when clone mcu software.

External Reset. The MCU is reset when a low-level is present on the RESET pin for more than 500 ns.

Watchdog Reset. The MCU is reset when the Watchdog Timer period expires, and the Watchdog is enabled.

Brown-out Reset. The MCU is reset when the supply voltage VCC is below the Brown-out Reset threshold (VBOT) if clone mcu software.

During reset, all I/O registers are then set to their initial values, and the program starts execution from address $000. The instruction placed in address $000 must be an RJMP (relative jump) instruction to the reset handling routine before clone mcu software.

If the program never enables an interrupt source, the interrupt vectors are not used, and regular program code can be placed at these locations after clone mcu software.

The circuit diagram in Figure 12 shows the reset logic. Table 4 and Table 5 define the timing and electrical parameters of the reset circuitry when clone mcu software.

Note that the register file is unchanged by a reset. Table 5 shows the start-up times from Reset. When the CPU wakes up from Powerdown, only the clock-counting part of the start-up time is used if clone mcu software.

The Watchdog Oscillator is used for timing the real-time part of the start-up time. The number Watchdog Oscillator cycles used for each time-out is shown in Table 6 when clone mcu software.

The frequency of the Watchdog Oscillator is voltage dependent as shown in the Electrical Characteristics section on page 64. The device is shipped with CKSEL = “00” before clone mcu software.

A Power-on Reset (POR) pulse is generated by an On-chip Detection circuit. The detection level is nominally defined in Table 4 after clone mcu software.

The POR is activated whenever VCC is below the detection level. The POR circuit can be used to trigger the Start-up Reset, as well as detect a failure in supply voltage when clone mcu software.

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