Clone IC ATMEGA48PV Flash

We can Clone IC ATMEGA48PV Flash, please view the IC ATMEGA48PV features for your reference:

The status of the Fuse bits is not affected by Chip Erase.

If the RSTDISBL Fuse is programmed, then the programming hardware should apply +12V to PB5 while the ATtiny15L is in Power-on Reset. If not, the part can fail to enter programming mode caused by drive contention on PB0 and/or PB5 when clone IC flash.

The ATtiny15L has a one-byte calibration value for the internal RC Oscillator. This byte resides in the high byte of address $000 in the signature address space if clone IC flash.

To make use of this byte, it should be read from this location and written into the normal Flash Program memory. At start-up, the user software must read this Flash location and write the value to the OSCCAL register before clone IC flash.

Atmel’s ATtiny15L offers 1K byte of In-System Reprogrammable Flash Program memory and 64 bytes of in-System Reprogrammable EEPROM Data memory after clone IC flash.

The ATtiny15L is shipped with the On-chip Flash program and EEPROM data memory arrays in the erased state (i.e., contents = $FF) and ready to be programmed when clone IC flash.

This device supports a High-voltage (12V) Serial Programming mode and a Low-voltage Serial Programming mode. The +12V is used for programming enable only, and no current of significance is drawn by this pin (less than 100 µA) if clone IC flash.

The Low-voltage Serial Programming mode provides a convenient way to download program and data into the ATtiny15L inside the user’s system.

The program and data memory arrays in the ATtiny15L are programmed byte-by-byte in either programming mode. For the EEPROM, an auto-erase cycle is provided within the self-timed write instruction in the Low-voltage Serial Programming mode after clone IC flash.

This section describes how to program and verify Flash program memory, EEPROM data memory, Lock bits and Fuse bits in the ATtiny15L. To program and verify the ATtiny15L in the High-voltage Serial Programming mode, the following sequence is recommended before clone IC flash.

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