Clone Chip ATMEGA2560 Flash

We can Clone Chip ATMEGA2560 Flash, please view the Chip ATMEGA2560 features for your reference:

If lock bits LB1 and LB2 have not been programmed, the programmed Code can be read back via the address and data lines for verification. The state of the lock bits can also be verified directly in the parallel programming mode when clone chip flash.

In the serial programming mode, the state of the lock bits can only be verified indirectly by observing that the lock bit features are enabled. In the parallel programming mode, chip erase is initiated by using the proper combination of control signals and by holding ALE/PROG low for 10 ms if clone chip flash.

The Code array is written with all “1”s in the Chip Erase operation. In the serial programming mode, a chip erase operation is initiated by issuing the Chip Erase instruction. In this mode, chip erase is self-timed and takes about 16 ms before clone chip flash.

During chip erase, a serial read from any address location will return 00H at the data outputs. A programmable fuse is available to disable Serial Programming if the user needs maximum system security after clone chip flash.

The Serial Programming Fuse can only be programmed or erased in the Parallel Programming Mode. The AT89S53 is shipped with the Serial Programming Mode enabled when clone chip flash.

Reading the Signature Bytes: The signature bytes are read by the same procedure as a normal verification of locations 030H and 031H, except that P3.6 and P3.7 must be pulled to a logic low. The values returned are as follows if clone chip flash:

(030H) = 1EH indicates manufactured by Atmel

(031H) = 53H indicates 89S53

Every code byte in the Flash array can be written, and the entire array can be erased, by using the appropriate combination of control signals. The write operation cycle is self-timed and once initiated, will automatically time itself to completion before clone chip flash.

All major programming vendors offer worldwide support for the Atmel microcontroller series. Please contact your local programming vendor for the appropriate software revision after clone chip flash.

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