Clone Chip ATMEGA1280P Flash

We can Clone Chip ATMEGA1280P Flash, please view the ATMEGA1280P Flash features for your reference:

These bits select the voltage reference for the ADC, as shown in Table 19. If these bits are changed during a conversion, the change will not go into effect until this conversion is complete (ADIF in ADCSR is set) when clone chip flash.

Whenever these bits are changed, the next conversion will take 25 ADC clock cycles. If active channels are used, using AVCC or an external AREF higher than (AVCC – 1V) is not recommended, as this will affect ADC accuracy if clone chip flash.

The internal voltage reference options may not be used if an external reference voltage is being applied to the AREF pin.

Bit 5 – ADLAR: ADC Left Adjust Result

The ADLAR bit affects the presentation of the ADC conversion result in the ADC Data Register. If ADLAR is cleared, the result is right-adjusted. If ADLAR is set, the result is left-adjusted before clone chip flash.

Changing the ADLAR bit will affect the ADC Data Register immediately, regardless of any ongoing conversions. For a complete description of this bit, see “The ADC Data Register – ADCL and ADCH” on page 48 after clone chip flash.
Bits 4..3 – Res: Reserved Bits

These bits are reserved bits in the ATtiny15L and always read as zero

Bits 2..0 – MUX2..MUX0: Analog Channel and Gain Selection Bits 2..0

The value of these bits selects which analog input is connected to the ADC. In case of differential input (PB3 – PB4), gain selection is also made with these bits. Selecting PB3 as both inputs to the differential gain stage enables offset measurements when clone chip flash.

Refer to Table 20 for details. If these bits are changed during a conversion, the change will not go into effect until this conversion is complete (ADIF in ADCSR is set) if clone chip flash.

Bit 7 – ADEN: ADC Enable

Writing a logical “1” to this bit enables the ADC. By clearing this bit to zero, the ADC is turned off. Turning the ADC off while a conversion is in progress will terminate this conversion before clone chip flash.

Bit 6 – ADSC: ADC Start Conversion

In Single Conversion mode, a logical “1” must be written to this bit to start each conversion. In Free Running mode, a logical “1” must be written to this bit to start the first conversion after clone chip flash.

When the conversion completes, ADSC returns to zero in Single Conversion mode and stays high in Free Running mode. Writing a “0” to this bit has no effect.

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