Crack Chip by Infrared Method

Crack Chip by Infrared Method

When crack chip with infrared ray technology, backside image is a very important method.

the benefit of backside image is acquiring the content in the ROM from Crack Chip. From the front side, transistor will be shielded by the top layer metal, through the backside can see it clearly when Crack Chip. Such as the invasive chip crackion to check the content inside the ROM without use the solution erupted by chemical solution, and we can view the backside of chip is good enough. And semi-invasive chip crack method has restricted the near infrared rays area resolution lower than 0.6 microns due to the maximum resolution rate on the optical system.

Backside image of chip cracking has been widely used in the failure analysis, monitor the internal connection of chip from locate the failure transistor or after FOCUS ION BEAM. And there is one thing need to be illustrated is the chip crack system could be quite expensive which only the well funded company can provide. But in the less equipped laboratory can use near infrared microscopy and infrared sensitivity lens to crack chip and view its backside images.

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