Break MCU Software

Break MCU has a great variety of methods and when breaking MCU, attacker can use their combination to acquire a higher efficiency of break result.

Fixed point MCU break can be used to locate the area of security fuse, even ultra-violet radiation can’t reset it. Unless there is a metal protective layer cover on the MCU or its insensitivity on the ultra-violet radiation. However, faulty injection MCU break method can still be used to modify the security fuse status or change it eternally with invasive break.

There is another effective way to break MCU name Backside imaging techniques, as we all know the first step to analyze the MCU is put it under the microscopy and do the monitoring. The featured size of transistor is decreasing each year, which makes it more difficult to evaluate the MCU surface when break it. Only for those MCUs with 0.8micron or above technology can be identified easily and distinguish their different parts from ROM, EEPROM, SRAM, CPU, CPU decoder and memorizer. It would be different to break and distinguish the ROM, SRAM and FLASH of MCU with 0.35 to 0.5 microns. As for the MCU with 0.25micron, we can barely see anything before break MCU. The reason is not only because the featured size of MCU is smaller, but also there is an extra metal layer cover on the MCU. Besides, surface technology can be used to fill the metal layer and metal wire blank area through which can prevent the light penetration when break MCU.

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