Break IC Scrub Preciseness

Break IC need to scrub the surface of IC with beneath 10micron which makes it become impossible in the microscopy. But as for those security fuses which are all far away from the microcontroller IC is good enough. In order to reach this good effect when break IC, the coating layer can be cut by the laser. And ultra-violet laser is the most reasonable choice when break IC. The green laser can also has a good performance on the black and red coating when break IC.

As a result of that, by using the low cost tools facilities, IC breaker can break the important area on the IC successfully by ultra-violet radiation. But nowadays, lots of IC manufacturers use various protection method to fend off the ultra-violet radiation IC break. This technology include using a top layer metal cover on the top layer of IC to completely protect the IC from UV radiation, and use the special design unit on the UV reset location, as well as the UV radiation sensor to prevent the IC exposed under the UV radiation before any Breaking on the IC.

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