Chip Break Software

CHIP BREAK method can be separated in different types since the chip manufactured from different brands will use different encryption method. In view of security analysis, we need to assume how many target chips the breaker can have. The purpose of chip break we care about is copying the data restore in the microcontroller and recover the security protection principle, even the secret key in the smartcard or other chip level safety level processor. We can categorize the chip break methods in below:

Microprobe inspection technology can be used to visit the chip surface directly, which can also monitor, modify and interference the integrated circuit working operation when break chip;

Reverse engineering technology can be applied to deduce if the internal structure of chip and learn or even simulate its function. It needs the chip breaker to use the same technology, skill or capability as the manufacturers themselves to copy the chip.

Microprobe and reverse engineering technology of chip break are all invasive break method, they need to spend several hours or even weeks in the dedicated laboratory for breaking, to open the capsulation of chip. Most of other technologies are un-invasive break. There is no need to damage to the chip when break it. The final one is semi-invasive chip break method which means the wafer of chip need to be released but no necessary to damage the chip completely but using strong light, radiation line or heat up and other ways to generate flaws;

SOFTWARE chip break can be used on the communication interface of processor, collect their security weakness from their protocol, security key, algorithm or their operation blocks when break chip;

Tapping technology of chip break can let the breaker precisely monitor all the communication protocol all the analog and interface terminals they can attain, as well as any electro-magnetic radiation when the processor working properly;

Faulty Injection technology of chip break can read and write the firmware embedded in the chip by take the advantage of wrong operation in the microprocessor when is under the normal working condition;

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