Attack Microprocessor IC Microchip PIC18F4431-E/ML

We can CRACK MCU Microchip PIC18F4431-E/ML – 28/40/44-Pin Enhanced Flash Microcontrollers with nanoWatt Technology, High-Performance PWM and A/D IC microprocessor, please view the mcu chip features for your reference:


14-Bit Power Control PWM Module:

Power-Managed Modes:


Up to 4 Channels with Complementary Outputs

Edge or Center-Aligned Operation

Flexible Dead-Band Generator

Hardware Fault Protection Inputs

Simultaneous Update of Duty Cycle and Period:

– Flexible Special Event Trigger output


Run: CPU on, Peripherals on

Idle: CPU off, Peripherals on

Sleep: CPU off, Peripherals off

Ultra Low, 50 nA Input Leakage

Idle mode Currents Down to 5.8 mA, Typical

Sleep Current Down to 0.1 mA, Typical

Timer1 Oscillator, 1.8 mA, Typical, 32 kHz, 2V


Motion Feedback Module:

· Three Independent Input Capture Channels:

– Flexible operating modes for period and pulse-width measurement


Watchdog Timer (WDT), 2.1 mA, typical

Oscillator Two-Speed Start-up

Fast wake from Sleep and Idle, 1 ms, typical

– Special Hall sensor interface module


Peripheral Highlights:

– Special Event Trigger output to other modules

· Quadrature Encoder Interface:

– 2-phase inputs and one index input from encoder

High-Current Sink/Source 25 mA/25 mA

Three External Interrupts

Two Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) modules

Enhanced USART module:


– High and low position tracking with direction status and change of direction interrupt

– Velocity measurement

High-Speed, 200 ksps 10-Bit A/D Converter:


– Supports RS-485, RS-232 and LIN/J2602

– Auto-wake-up on Start bit

– Auto-Baud Detect

Special Microcontroller Features:


Up to 9 Channels

Simultaneous, Two-Channel Sampling

Sequential Sampling: 1, 2 or 4 Selected Channels

Auto-Conversion Capability

4-Word FIFO with Selectable Interrupt Frequency

Selectable External Conversion Triggers

Programmable Acquisition Time


· 100,000 Erase/Write Cycle Enhanced Flash

Program Memory, Typical

· 1,000,000 Erase/Write Cycle Data EEPROM

Memory, Typical

· Flash/Data EEPROM Retention: 100 Years

· Self-Programmable under Software Control

· Priority Levels for Interrupts

· 8 x 8 Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier


Flexible Oscillator Structure:

· Four Crystal modes up to 40 MHz

· Two External Clock modes up to 40 MHz

· Internal Oscillator Block:

8 user-selectable frequencies: 31 kHz to 8 MHz

– OSCTUNE can compensate for frequency drift

· Secondary Oscillator using Timer1 @ 32 kHz

· Fail-Safe Clock Monitor:

– Allows for safe shutdown of device if clock fails

· Extended Watchdog Timer (WDT):

– Programmable period from 41 ms to 131s

· Single-Supply In-Circuit Serial Programming™

(ICSP™) via Two Pins

· In-Circuit Debug (ICD) via Two Pins:

– Drives PWM outputs safely when debugging

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